2011. december 24., szombat

2011. december 20., kedd

Update hamarosan!!!

Új update érkezik a Magyar Királyok alkalmazáshoz hamarosan!

2011. december 3., szombat

New update with snowing coming!

It will now snow on the main screen. With your built in temperature sensor you will see HOW COOL it is!!!! (The app will be free.)

The new Bash game is out!

Bash is a simple game of dice played among any number of people using one (or several) iPhone/iPad. The two dices on the screen are thrown by shaking. A higher score than the previous must be announced, and others have to believe you! So, buffing will soon creep in. It is fun, it is social, and can be played whenever there is a timeslot for playing. 
You can download here