2012. március 4., vasárnap

The PBase Viewer app is available on the AppStore

Here is a little preview for the app main features:

Your iPad/iPhone becomes your PBase-dedicated intelligent photo frame. View your PBase photos in native-full-frame or full-screen-browser view. Navigate with gestures (e.g. next/previous photo). Dedicated hideable toolbar. Download pictures to device. Have your Internet portfolio, family photos always with you, and show them in a stylish manner. 
Have a PBase account? Use the iPad/iPhone as a convenient photo frame. Do not have one? Browse the millions of fantastic pictures of the PBase universe, download the ones you like. With PBase Viewer your photos on PBase can be conveniently reached and shown in a stylish manner, and you will not have to fiddle with tapping on next/previous text buttons. The program requires internet connection.
  • The screen won’t have the distracting elements of browser programs (full-screen-browser view)
  • Photos can be seen in native-full-frame mode: longer dimension of the picture (no frames) fills longer dimension of actual orientation. Orientation can be changed by turning. Unfilled parts are black
  • Watch slideshows in full-screen-browser view
  • Gesture navigation in both view modes
  • Gesture navigation is done by swipes and taps on large tapping areas
  • Convenient help screen describes gestures and other functions
  • Dedicated hideable toolbar takes to PBase.com or to your profile page and controls view mode
  • Your PBase account can be given in settings. The program then will start up on your main PBase page
  • Program can be started on main PBase.com page, or you can navigate there via the tool bar, giving  you access to popular an PAD galleries, forum and search function
  • Browse photos all over the PBase universe in the view mode of your liking
  • Comment on, vote for or download (if allowed) your favorite images 

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